Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Toroidal Forces

I recently realized I had a couple more toroidal motions to add to those illustrated in the article "Drawings of Toroidal Forces, Universal Forces"; those of spirals and sectional rings. I've gone back to the original article cited above and added the following to it.

The Spiral

Flowing inward from the rim of the funnel, then spiraling into ever smaller arcs as the funnel narrows.
In the illustration above, metaversal information (depicted as green spiral) swirls toward the zero-point field of instantiation (white starburst).
Entering our Universe and emanating outward from the middle, this proto-force appears in several forms--as the the centrifugal forces of outwardly radiating spirals, the centripetal vortex of whirlpools and tornados, and the entwined embrace of helices such as DNA and vines.

The Pole and the Spiral
We can now combine two fundamental motions to form a common metaphysical image--that of the caduceus.
Here's the Pole of the toroid going straight through the middle:

Here's the caduceus formed from two entwined spirals and one pole.

Cross-Sectional Rings
Another toroidal force is that of the rings that individually encircle the torus "tube." As in the illustration below, these rings are furthest from each other at the hemisphere and funnel toward one another to pass through the same point or zero-point at the middle.
These looping circles express themselves into our universe through objects such as fruit sections, solar loop circuits, and fractal rings.

Field Inside an Air Core Toroid Coil

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