Friday, January 7, 2011

Shed Unwanted Memes Here! Now!

As defined in the article "Memes and Chords of Memes," memes are the cultural expressions of societies. Every discrete cultural concept, mythology, or icon you can think of is a meme. Indeed, each and every concept that a person can know and name is a meme, even self-concept. According to the Simple Explanation, the memes we believe in and cling to are like theads draped over our souls, obscuring our perfect Self UC and interfering with our awareness of here and now.
If my Self UC is a perfect fractal expression of the primordial Universal UC ("Holy Ghost," "Kutastha Chaitanya," "Purushottama"then my personal meme bundle is the garment woven by my mind out of life's experiences ("avidiya," "maya"), and sustained by my Ego as personal identity ("Ahamkara").

Self UC

Self UC Clouded by Memes
The article "Bundles of Memes" explains that once you acquire a meme, it becomes part of your unique vibratory bundle. If you do not wish to continue holding that meme in your personal bundle of strings and chords, you need to detach that meme from your bundle.
  • Some memes fall away of their own accord through disuse.
  • Other memes must be consciously detached and laid aside.
  • Some memes are pernicious; addictions are their behaviors. 
  • Emotionally evocative memes such as victimhood or jealousy are difficult to detach due to the intense synergistic coupling of thoughts and emotion.
In the worldly course of events, unwanted memes must be detached through an effort of will, either through conscious disuse or by acquiring a competing, more desirable meme. Therapies such as EFT may help.
Within one's spiritual tradition, memes may be surrendered to one's Higher Power through prayer and meditation. Serenity is achieved as memes are discarded.

Here, now, you may lay down that unwanted meme. If you find yourself accidentally carrying it around again, lay it down again. If you notice yourself invoking that meme out of habit, good. Lay it down again. You may need to lay down some neighboring memes as well, if their vibrations are invoking that pernicious meme in you. No need for dismay or despair. Onward and upward.


  1. Dr. Ropp
    I recognize in your work the influence of the incoming supply of Cosmic Synthesis that is beginning to fulfill our call for greater understanding of the who, what, where, why and how that we are - the Oneness, the One Being, the One Life that we share.

    I find common ground with your observations from both spiritual and physical human dimension activities - as Practitioner and Teacher of the Wisdom of the Soul, and Sustainability Director for Education, Business and Non-Profit Organizations.

    Given these dynamics and structures - from macro to micro - it is all the more urgent and important that we bring our focus to how we make use of, how we apply this understanding to the raising of human consciousness via these structural vehicles and the flow through of Cosmic Conscious toward fulfilling Cosmic Purpose - The how of implementing this for the evolution of the planet and humanity

    If you're available to discuss such applications I'd value your perspectives,and insights.

    Fred McEwan

  2. Thank you for reading my blog and for writing a Comment. I often wonder who is reading this blog, and now I know another. How about we use this Comment space to carry on a dialogue? Please feel free.

  3. I feel your blog is excelent, very interesting and clarifying.

    I would like to know more about memes and how I can manage them to purify my UC's, thank you.

  4. Cesar--have you read any books by Echkhart Tolle? He talks a lot about how to drop memes and stay present, conscious, and in the here and now. Tolle doesn't use the word "memes," he calls them the stories you tell yourself. I highly recommend all of his books. Look for "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose"; or "The Power of Now"; or "Stillness Speaks".

    In general, the best approach to purify your UC is to drop your expectations of how things should be and just accept them for what they are. Then you are free to be fully present and able to respond to the here and now. The way to do this is to stop telling yourself stories, or if you do find yourself telling yourself stories, just be aware of that and how it makes you feel. Once you realize you do not have to listen to your ego's inner voice, your mind bedcomes quiet, and you are free to hear the leading of the Universal UC.

  5. thank you very much Cyd you are very kind and lovely

  6. I'm frustrated choosing the appropriate place for this.

    As to that I also doubt time exists: Although it goes on in my mind, I had a dream of time.

    *It was waves of black and white emenating above a point on the horizon of a dark sea, while shadows and echoes of activity beyond were cast on the grey sky behind. And the reflections were what I perceived.

    It was also a symphony shell with a lone arc-welder performing, casting fireworks of molten bits of metal into the sky.

    It was also proceeding concentrically bowed transparent tubes, in which a black product condensed under immense pressure from the white medium within, shot by.

    One of the hot molten gobs was attracted to the spot on the tube wall that was made cold by the passing product, and it condensed there into a growing (toroidal) comma-shape.*

    I take this to mean (from my subliminated experience to me), how I make money.

    Perhaps time (if it is), is the singularly perceived positions of matter and energy in one’s perception of one’s Universe; so that, because of far-ranging complexity, time’s description or definition is approximate.

    If so, it would add only yet another specificity of description or definition of time to the already large dictionary entry it already is.

  7. This looks like the same dream you posted elsewhere, just different language. yes? At least, the milieu is similar, though the story-line differs...
    The horizon, the symphony shell, the tube wall--all restatements of the same perception. Concentrically bowed transparent tubes--the rainbow of the other dream?--if they're bowed from the middle behind you and going around horizontally, then they sound like a description of concentrically nested toroids. If they're bowed in the another direction, from behind you to sky to horizon, they sound like how I describe meme bundles, draped over the outside of the toroidal shell.
    The arc welder metaphor is very cool--energy, light, focus at work; sparks of ananda/joy emanating outward. Although for my model's toroidal flow, I'd rather the welder be evidenced at the center, with sparks flying outward through the chewy blue middle toward the horizon. See, because then the molten gob flies toward the tube wall, as it should, seeing as how it is instantiating matter from sparks.