Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video Examples of Toroidal Flow

The Simple Explanation proposes that the fractal geometric equation upon which our material universe is patterned is toroidal in shape. Chapter 4, "One Simple Model," explains this toroidal flow model of the conscious universe. If you have not yet read the article "One Simple Model," this would be a good time.

This morning when I was running the blender, I noticed that the funnel formed by the blender's whirling blades is similar to the toroidal funnels created by the starburst of proto-energy at the heart of the universal torus pattern. For the metaphor to fully work, please imagine that the shape of the blender container is a torus and the whirling blades at the center is actually a zero-point field of infinite dimensions. Here's a one minute video of this morning's blender drink where I describe the blender's toroidal vortex.

After I posted this video to youtube, I saw that there were a number of other videos depicting toroids and toroidal flow. There must be many people like myself who are waking up to the toroids around  us. The following video of toroids I found on youtube is awesome! Way better examples of toroids than my blender funnel!


  1. thank you for saying "waking up to" rather than "discovering" or trying to impress that they've suddenly started "appearing" everywhere. :)

  2. Yes. It's similar to the fractal phenomena in that people couldn't see the fractal patterns until Mandelbrot began pointing them out in 1975.
    Now that I'm looking hard, I'm seeing these toroidal forces everywhere!