Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Fractal Roots of Consciousness

As explained in the articles, "My Self, the Governor of Whoville" and "A Simple Fractal Model of the Conscious Universe," my Self's Unit of Consciousness (UC) is sitting atop a veritable fractal galaxy of hierarchically arranged Units of Consciousness, all working together to instantiate my body. While I may believe I am the only conscious soul inhabiting this body of mine, my physical body is actually home to all of these aggregated UCs, each with their own job to perform, each living their own lives and laying down their own karmic record. Within the confines of my skin, countless UCs of varying levels of complexity work together to keep my body alive and fully functional. At each descending level of complexity, from my governing Self UC down through the organ systems, organs, cells, molecules, atoms, and quanta, my body's UCs deal with increasingly simpler tasks even as the matter associated with them becomes smaller and more numerous. The simplest and most numerous level of materially instantiated consciousness is associated with the quantum foam that forms at the finest fractal edge between matter and energy.
As the roots of a plant send out finer and finer tendrils at each level of fractal branching, our hierarchically arranged aggregate UCs nest closer and closer to the Original Source Code--the Universal UC--at their simplest and most numerous levels. Whereas the concerns of the world often obscure my Self UC, the UC of a single sub-atomic particle or wave (anu), having a fairly limited view of creation and few choices regarding activity, is the least distracted by Ego and most attuned with its originating Source. At the deepest physical level of instantiation, the countless quanta that form the building blocks of our bodies are associated with countless undeluded UCs, all tapping their roots directly into the organizational source of our Universe ("Universal UC," "God," "Sat," "Original Source Code").
As I visualize the roots of Whoville, I visualize roots penetrating from my skin inward, finer and finer, to the depths of my material being. Within my body, all of my aggregated UCs drill fractally "backward" toward the zero-point field at our shared core. Whereas my Self UC may appear a long way off from God, especially if I conceive of God outside the Very Large, if I instead turn inward and "fall back," I am as near to God as the center point of Whoville's UCs. This is a new way to interpret the practices of "centering" and "grounding." When ancient teachings speak of God residing in the hearts of man, this Simple Explanation suggests the heart may be interpreted as the shared zero-point field at the shared center of our fractal Units of Consciousness.


  1. This fractal toroidal pattern is a conceptual model. The hierarchical distribution of UCs is also a model. They represent forces, dynamics, and relationships. The material with which they are associated is not really stacked like a pyramid or even, necessarily, shaped like a torus, although it can be. Usually,instantiated UCs are distributed in the familiar forms of the world around us.

  2. This is a really comprehensive overview of the Perennial Philosophy. Excellent work!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment, Sherry. You realize these are the conceptual musings of this lifetime. Who knows what exactly went into that hopper, or if I'm simply channeling a powerful meme bundle!