Friday, May 6, 2011

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New process--let's see if this helps the blog generate discussions.

If you have any general comments or questions concerning the Simple Explanation, or if you would like to suggest new topics to explore/explain, leave your comment here below.

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  1. I'm frustrated choosing the appropriate place for this.

    As to that I also doubt time exists: Although it goes on in my mind, I had a dream of time.

    *It was waves of black and white emenating above a point on the horizon of a dark sea, while shadows and echoes of activity beyond were cast on the grey sky behind. And the reflections were what I perceived.

    It was also a symphony shell with a lone arc-welder performing, casting fireworks of molten bits of metal into the sky.

    It was also proceeding concentrically bowed transparent tubes, in which a black product condensed under immense pressure from the white medium within, shot by.

    One of the hot molten gobs was attracted to the spot on the tube wall that was made cold by the passing product, and it condensed there into a growing (toroidal) comma-shape.*

    I take this to mean (from my subliminated experience to me), how I make money.

    Perhaps time (if it is), is the singularly perceived positions of matter and energy in one’s perception of one’s Universe; so that, because of far-ranging complexity, time’s description or definition is approximate.

    If so, it would add only yet another specificity of description or definition of ttime to the already large dictionary entry it already is.

  2. Compare karma and entropy.

    The total effect of a person's actions and conduct, etcetera.
    The measure of the disorder of a system, etcetera.

    Since karma is an effect, it seems fitting to recognize anti-karma as anti-entropy is recognized. The total effect of informing a person, including not-informing ‘it’ (id) seems to me as one with the total effect of informing a system. (It, id: German to English.)

    Is it then neurotic to view these two as similar?

    Or, perhaps I am an id-i-it.

    May 2, 2011 1:06 PM

  3. Cyd Ropp said...
    Funny. id-i-it.
    Now I have to read about entropy in order to properly respond to your idea...
    But off the cuff, wouldn't "coherence" be the dialectic of "anti-entropy"?

    May 3, 2011 12:37 PM

  4. My attempt to pun karma and entropy as a possibly credible translation, led to this:

    There are different senses of information. A simple explanation is given in
    < > under: 1-Supports of Communications.

    Perhaps this would be a meme-share? Both Sheldrake and deRosnay have been put down too long by mainstream “Science”. If they would chat, their notions of ‘morphic fields’ and ‘morphogenetic resonance’ could yield further potential for free thought.

    Dr. Ropp’s thesis is right there with them; but something tells me it is… simpler.

    The Macroscope is wonderful, full of far-out teachings and cartoons. It has been republished for easy access by Principia Cybernetica.

    I love this stuff. Dr. Ropp has renewed my vigor for it.

    May 4, 2011 1:24 PM

  5. Cyd Ropp said...
    I read the chapter of The Macroscope at the url Greg pointed to. Good book. Basic communication theory taken to its logical extremes. I could relate. I especially like the part about "real time" mediated communication; the idea that we are able to exchange relevant information on an as needed basis through the miracle of mass communication. Interesting that this book precedes the internet revolution. Now it's the web that helps us exchange lateral information, whereas the mass media is downline communication. I've noticed since putting up The Simple Explanation blogspot that my research into toroids and others use of google images is tying us all together in a very dynamic way. Surely progress toward Truth will result.

    May 5, 2011 5:01 PM

  6. Concerning time... I've always conceived of time in this way: like our universe is a solidly cast mold of quiggly jello, wherein everything that will ever occur has already occurred. And our lives are each filaments that zig-zag through the jello, changing course as we react to this and that. But since the jello and the strings were already there, the strings do not roll out as time rolls on. Rather it is consciousness that proceeds along the string as "time" goes on. "Now" is the point where consciousness is focused along the string.
    I'm not sure this is in any sense "correct," it's just how it appears to me.

  7. Have you ever heard of "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything" proposed by physicist Antony Garrett Lisi? Check out the Wikipedia entry with the above title. I first learned of this on a Science Channel program called "Through the Wormhole".

  8. re: anonymous post of July 14.
    Wow! Interesting wiki article. Thank you for showing it to me. Remarkable similarity in the names of our two endeavors. Here I've been thinking I was channeling universal truths--maybe I'm just channeling Lisi's theory... (When I say "channeling" I am referring to reading the memes embedded in our shared consciousness.) When things slow down around here enough for me to do some writing, I'll revisit Lisi's theory and post something about it here on the blog.

  9. This space is not generating the Comments I'd hoped for. As you read the Simple Explanation, particularly the book chapters, do any particular questions arise? There are very few Comments anywhere on the blog. I'm imagining this has to do with politeness and uncertainty.

  10. Hi Cyd. I just finished reading A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything. My first thought(s) is that your explanation of the Big Bang is the only explanation that makes sense to me. I still have to digest what I have read, but as I was reading I was reminded of Ernest Holmes' teachings in his Science of Mind theology. My mother delved into his teachings many years ago and as a young teenager she used me as her sounding board. What I came away with all those years ago, and still hold to today, is that we are all connected to the One Mind (God) and therefore to one another. That my thoughts can and do have a direct effect on the person of my focus. I have not read or studied his work for decades but as I said, as I read your book those years of my mother's study came back to me. Thank you for your insight and ideas. I welcome new ideas and ways of looking at faith and spiritual matters. ~ Beverly

    1. Thanks for writing, Beverly. I'm glad the Simple Explanation resonates with you. The book in particular lays out the story in a very logical way, from a to z. Write again any time!

  11. Hi Cyd. I've been thinking (aaagh!) No, but seriously, I'd like your thoughts on the concept of Old Souls. My grandmother used to call me an Old Soul. That was 50 years ago when I was barely in my teens. She also said my then boyfriend/now husband of 40 years was my Soul Mate. What did my grandmother know that I do not? How does the idea of Old Soul fit into your theory of UCs? I have never really ascribed to the idea of reincarnation, but if I am indeed an Old Soul, then it stands to reason (if I understand your theory correctly) my meme bundle has melded with other UCs and meme bundles for however many 'lifetimes' to produce the person I am now. Curious thoughts, don't know where or why this all came to me this morning other than for some reason Grandma was on my mind. But that's another discussion I think; why people come to mind out of the blue. Cheers~ Beverly

    1. Hi Beverly. Thanks for writing! I'm glad I've got you thinking about things.
      What makes each of us different is the particular collection of memes we carry around in our personal meme bundle. When we die, the meme bundle lives on in the transpersonal consciousness between us all as a particular set of memes. We probably carry our meme bundles forward from lifetime to lifetime as our "karma." These are the past life influences on this current life.
      I don't know what your grandmother meant by Old Soul, but I imagine she was referring to the loveliness of your unit of consciousness and the elegance of your past life meme bundle. Your grandmother must have been able to read or sense your full soul.