Monday, May 16, 2011

A Simple Explanation of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a meme common to most world religions and spiritual traditions, with the notable exception of contemporary Christianity. Many ancient as well as modern philosophers also incorporate the reincarnation meme into their philosophies.  

Wikipedia defines reincarnation as "entering the flesh again." Depending upon the particular memes held by one's belief system, it is said that after a human dies they may reenter their next life as a newborn human, or possibly an animal or some other form.

The Simple Explanation defines reincarnation this way:

Death breaks the bonds of a Self UC's current material instantiation, but not its karmic pattern. The freed UC continues its existence at a non-material level until its karmic pattern causes it to reattach to a particular newly instantiating aggregate, at which time it is born again into Creation.

A previous Simple Explanation article, Who Am "I" After Death?, describes the process this way:

The "me" that continues to influence the fate of the Self UC after death is nothing but the holographic pattern of all the choices ever made by my UC. In life, this karmically generated vibratory pattern attracts or repels the memes associated with my meme bundles. The memes I think of as "me" are not a part of my Self UC, but are drawn to me by my karmic pattern. It is my karmic record that attracts and repels the patterns of memes surrounding my life at any moment. That the "you" that exists between material incarnations is nothing but your karmic record is proved by one of our basic assertions that all UCs are fundamentally one and the same, and that all UCs begin their individuated journey as perfect echoes of God. Then it follows that "I" develop as a result of my choices and the choices of others--"I" am my perfect UC enshrouded in karma and the memes that my karma attracts.

The Simple Explanation suggests that reincarnations are not random events, but the continuation of karmically-mandated cycles of consequence that do not end with death. It is not logical to expect the consequences of one's actions to end at one's death; if you cut off someone's ear and then die, does the person's ear suddenly grow back? No. Consequences of behavior are not affected by the death of the doer.
The memes that one favors in life also continue to live on in the shared transpersonal field after one's death. They were not the UC's property or invention to begin with, therefore it is safe to assume they also continue on after death.
In the Simple Explanation model, “I” consist of my karmic pattern, the memes I hold onto, and the "aggregate UCs of my material body, from the subatomic particles to molecules to cells, all the way up through the UCs of the body’s organ systems" overlaid upon my Self's perfect UC.  In terms of reincarnation, it is only the aggregate UCs and their associated material bodies that change from incarnation to incarnation.
In practical terms, here's how I see reincarnation playing out. This person, Cyd, is composed of a Self UC that is a fractal replication of the Universal UC, and virtually identical to the Universal UC. Overlaid upon the Self UC is Cyd's personality, which is largely defined by the memes Cyd holds onto, plus Cyd's karmic record which inclines Cyd's choices this way and that, plus Cyd's physical body and its desires and limitations.
When this particular physical body is no longer able to sustain the constellation of UCs that make up "Cyd," this particular hierarchical collection of UCs will disband their union, and all UCs more complex than the molecular level will also "die" along with the governing Self UC. This means that at death, not just one soul passes away, but the souls of millions of aggregate UCs, too. (The molecular, atomic, sub-atomic UCs do not pass on at this time, because they are still able to do their respective jobs.)
Every newly instantiating piece of creation needs a UC to oversee its life. At every conception, be it a leaf or a seed, a cell, an organ, or an egg, perhaps even a planet or a galaxy, nature's karmic computer attaches a governing UC. "Cyd's" UC will probably cycle into another newly aggregated body of UCs who all, in the most perfect way imaginable, "deserve" one another. This new Cyd will resemble old Cyd to the extent that new Cyd adopts old Cyd's memes. These memes will be drawn to new Cyd by way of old Cyd's karma, which attracts some memes and repels others. Cyd's new body may also carry some physical traits forward from the previous life in the form of epigenetic patterns that cause genetic traits to turn off and on, as karmically determined. It's likely that new Cyd will be a human, not just because Cyd was human before but, more persuasively, because Cyd's particular karma and meme bundles best instantiate a human form. (If Cyd loved to swim and surf and thought about surfing nonstop and spent all her time on the water, she might as well reincarnate as a porpoise.)

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  1. FYI, my brother, Bill, and I have had an ongoing debate concerning reincarnation for about 50 years now. Bill has always believed in reincarnation; I have always provided alternative explanations for apparent evidence of reincarnation. For most of my life, the meme bundle that I hold has stuck pretty close to traditional Christianity, which holds reincarnation in disregard. I believe I know why this is so: because evangelical Christianity emphasises the "born-again" meme so heavily, it doesn't want any soul believing they have other lifetimes during which they may be "saved." Christianity is all about "closing the deal" here and now, when it comes to salvation. More lifetimes means more delay. Add to that the expectation that any day can be the "end of times," what if someone thinks they can delay salvation until the next incarnation? And then, whoops, the world ends and that soul is left on the wrong side of salvation.
    However, after writing the Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything, it is clear to me that it is illogical to expect all phenomena to be looping-recurring, and not include life and death in that pattern! Reincarnation makes sense, materially and spiritually. At least, that's how I see now it.

  2. Cyd, as you indicate, karma "attracts" memes. In order to "change" my karma, I must consciously discard memes. As I discard "negative" memes, I come closer to my "pure" Self UC. In my next incarnation, I attract fewer negative memes. Theoretically, in a given lifetime, I might shed all my memes and have no karma going forward to attract any memes. Therefore, there is no need to reincarnate. I have escaped to pure consciousness and am one with the Universal UC. You may wonder what effect a person who has achieved a full meme discard would have on the group karma of those so connected. The effect could be substantial. That is why it takes only a few "enlightened" people to have such a profound effect on so many others. In my hypnotherapy practice, I use past life therapy to help my clients discard negative memes from a past life thereby changing their present karma. My past life therapy leads to cleansing and transformation, not re-rutting and re-traumatizing.

  3. That sounds great, Bill. What a useful therapy. And I'm so glad it comports with the Simple Explanation's model of memes and karma.