Friday, May 13, 2011

Quantum Entanglement and Karma

Matter behaves differently at the very small level than it does at our ordinary, visible level. At the smallest levels of material instantiation, two objects can be "entangled," meaning that what happens to one object affects what happens to its partner. For quantum particles to be entangled, they must both have been part of the same larger system/object at one time. When the larger object to which they both belonged no longer holds its integrity, its parts are no longer physically yoked. These now freed quantum particles may relocate to entirely different places in the universe, but they never forget their original family, so what happens to their previous family members continues to affect them. That's a simple explanation of quantum entanglement.
To read more on the subject, you may start with following article about Quantum entanglement on wikipedia:
Quantum superposition refers to the universe's unending balancing act that preserves perfect poise amongst entangled quanta. So let's say you have a pair of entangled photons and that these two photons know how to spin right and left. What happens with superposition is this: if you cause entangled photon A to spin to the right, photon B will, of its own accord, and without you touching it, spin to the left. 

This quality of superposition makes "action at a distance" possible because you don't have to do anything at all to photon B to make it do something. You only have to affect photon A.

Furthermore, it turns out that if A is entangled with B, and B becomes subsequently entangled with C, then A and C are now also entangled. This is known as entanglement swapping. You can read more about it at the wikipedia article on Quantum teleportation.

The new field of quantum computing takes advantage of these properties of entanglement to transfer and store information. In quantum computing, entangled particles are created by blasting apart their family unit and trapping the subsequent quanta in a computer matrix, called a "register." The quanta trapped in the register then respond to stimulation and perform calculations (i.e. make choices).

The principle behind teleportation works off these same principles: it is possible, theoretically, to prompt changes amongst entangled objects, so that it appears as though information or an object has "travelled" from one place to another. But nothing travelled anywhere. It is the relationship amongst the entangled objects that causes manipulations at A to result in predictable changes in B and C.  

Quantum Superposition refers to the fact that entangled objects will not reveal their superposition outcomes until one of them makes a choice when prodded to do so ("observed"). Up until that choice point, either one of the entangled pair may be the one to, for example, spin right, which would force the other to spin left to maintain universal balance. If, on the other hand, the object was made to spin left, then its entangled partner would be the one to spin right. Quantum Superposition is the attribute of open-endedness prior to the prompted choice.

Here we can see a dynamic mechanism for karma. The Simple Explanation suggests that physical manifestation is simply a fractal order of magnitude step-up from dynamic patterns which are themselves fractal step-ups from the universal Unit of Consciousness. Sub-atomic quanta share these energetic patterns of the very small.

"Karma is the mechanism through which the consequences of behavior inform future potential. Karma is a force of influence that arises out of the decision-making history of every unit of consciousness in the universe. Each UC generates its own karma. We are all affected by one another’s karma. The more a unit of consciousness has in common with another UC, the more it is affected by the other’s karma. Our aggregate karma affects all of creation."
To this definition we can now add quantum entanglement:  Your actions affect not only you, they affect me to the extent we are "entangled." And, because of entanglement swapping, not only am I affected by you, but so is everyone else who is entangled with me, and everyone else entangled with them. And so on, and so on, and so on.

And we are affected not only by actions, but also by each other's memes, which cycle into and throughout our shared transpersonal consciousness.

This principle is probably the reason why all separation is so difficult, especially divorce--"what God has joined together let no man put asunder." The reason is that we cannot separate what was once joined; when we do, entanglement continues, whether we are aware of it or not. Perhaps this is why divorce is so very sad when it occurs; what was once two became one; and once that happens, the bonds are never truly dissolved.
How about this? As we are all fractal replications of the Universal UC, we are in an entangled relationship with the Origin. This is why all UCs not only affect one another, but feel the pull of Consciousness. The continual cycling of information from the metaverse affects us all, all of the time. This is "information" in its truest sense--laying webs of consciousness throughout creation through principles of karmic entanglement.


  1. I fully understand your Simple Explanation of Karma and have thought something similar for some time now. The impressions we make with our minds as we interact with this universe and consciousness are sacred geometrical figments that I'd proposed leave an impending impression on the future of being.

  2. Yes, you could certainly say it that way. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Here's an interesting fact I ran across recently: it has been found that birth mothers retain stem cells in their bodies from each child they have borne. We can apply supersymmetry to these cells and see how, on a physical level, mothers and their children remain physically bonded throughout their lives.

  4. @Cyd Ropp I contain water molecules once part of Alexandra the Great and Carbon that was in Joan of Arc. Doesn't mean we are connected.

  5. To Anonymous. Regarding water molecules and carbon; please explain the facts or reasoning behind your comment, so we might understand more fully.

  6. You people need to stop using scientific fact as metaphor for mystical thinking. Supersymmetry is unproven. Quantum entanglement has been proven but it's not what is described here. Entangling particles is possible but only under strict conditions and that entanglement is very fragile. A mother is not entangled with her children because of stem cells, for example. Do some proper reading on the subject. If you aren't willing to do that you will remain as ignorant as any religious fanatic who only reads the bible.

  7. Dear Anonymous. I don't know if you are the same Anonymous who posted a comment here on October 29; it's difficult to converse intelligently with someone who will not reveal themselves or their credentials. I have taken your criticism seriously and reexamined my source material and inferences. I agree I did use the word "supersymmetry" incorrectly and have excised it from the article. However, the other descriptions and interpretations stand as written. You only have to look as far as the linked wikipedia articles to verify my understanding of the material. If you are saying wikipedia is also wrong, then perhaps you have the credentials to correct the wiki entries.
    As to whether or not it is proper to use physics to elucidate spiritual principles--why wouldn't it be? Where's the rule book?

    1. Wikipedia can and is manipulated all the time to rewrite history as an example :P Be carefull with it.

  8. Q.E.perfecty explains why..... they cant figure out,"HOW i know WHAT they
    know, that I know. that THEY know!!!"...... Get it?
    All knowledge of the now, now feels like Deja Vu.... a deep deep knowing, if you get what I mean, ergo all first impressions and intuitions are always correct because of the instantanoeus nature of Q.E.

    1. My "word of the day" for Nov. 2 was "anamnesis." You will like this word. It means remembering from the deep place you're referring to. Like when we come across information that feels deeply familiar, that it is anamnesis rather than learning anew. A lack of forgetfulness of the fullness of knowledge that would otherwise be available to us. The Deja Vu you're referring to here.

  9. With today’s technology we are already aware of the physical effects of microwaves implicating on our brains. Electromagnetic waves do effect our brain because of the calcium crystals every human consume on daily bases from many food we intake. Before the electromagnetic technology was commonly used on our planet such as; terahertz waves etc, it may be very much possible that human brain were able to receive these waves coming from above our stratosphere and this seems possible to me in ways as such; our bones and the largest organ on human body which is the skin may attract the signals at first glance and carry the signals through to brain to target the dopamine and thus effect the serotonin to alter our behavior by reaching to amygdale and so on. If we observe for example the color change in Psychotic Brain when filmed with MRI, one can say therefore it may also be possible that the heat may be produced by the psychotic brain may attract quantum entanglement in surrounding our atmosphere or in further distance to inflict more negative functioning. This may in my opinion perhaps explain the word Karma.


    Super Conductivity of Calcium Crystals:

  10. Patcharawee BrahmawongSeptember 1, 2015 at 1:09 PM

    The laboratory verification of the so-called Quantum Spookiness was announced early this week (31 August 2015). I suddenly realized that this allowed for spatial and intertemporal, across-Universe connectedness, and, yes, the Karmic Law came to my Buddhist mind too.

    Thank you for encouraging people to take spiritually-progressive paths, which I wholeheartedly hope will lead a great number to Enlightenment.

  11. Thank you, Patcharawee. I'll go look for the new research article.

  12. Updated article called "Quantum Spookiness Demonstrated--Karma at a Distance" is now available here on the blog:

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