Monday, February 1, 2010

Drawings of Toroidal Forces--Universal Forces

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This post is a follow-up to drawings posted 1-29-10 called Images of Toroids, Images of UCs. To begin there, click here.

Coherence/Love balanced by Energy/Joy
This simple chalk drawing represents a cutaway view of the toroidal sphere from the top. Imagine the yellow ring to be a yellow-white sphere like a balloon enveloping a blue space with a white zero-point energy emitter at its center. The yellow arrows represent the containing force generated by the universal unit of consciousness, which serves to separate this energetic and material universe from the undifferentiated background consciousness of the metaverse. The white arrows at the middle represent the explosive energy streaming out of the zero point field at the "center" of our universe. The blue area represents the manifested space cordoned off by the toroidal shell of the originating unit of consciousness, within which exists our particular space-time continuum.

Coherence/Love, Energy/Joy, and Toroidal Flow

This chalk drawing shows the same inward/outward balance demonstrated in the first top cutaway view, but from the toroid's side. A third force is added, that of the looping around travel on the skin of the torus. The white arrows come down through top of the funnel, through the zero point field at the middle, and then out the bottom funnel and around the outside. Try to imagine these as dynamic energy forces acting through the toroidal shape--in, out, looping around through the middle.

Hemispheric Motion
These two cutaway views of the torus shows another type of directional force--hemispheric, around the circumference of the sphere.  Try to visualize all of these energetic patterns in motion.

The Pole
Another force implied by the shape of the toroid is the single straight line that runs straight up and down through the middle zero point of the toroid. This line is not within the toroid, as it runs perfectly perpendicular to the hemispheric circle and so does not touch the skin of the toroid. 

If you can visualize the toroid as balloon whose middle has been pushed together by two fingers of your opposite hands until the two sides of the balloon touch at the middle between your fingertips, then this line is the line formed by your two fingers pointing at each other. Your fingers are still outside the balloon, even though they are now touching. 
In this apple, the pole is the stem, running down through the middle seeds and out the other end.  In our universal toroid, the middle is a perfectly centered zero point field.

I recently realized I had left two more toroidal motions out of the illustrations above, those of the  spiral and sectional rings.

 The Spiral

Flowing inward from the rim of the funnel, then spiraling into ever smaller arcs as the funnel narrows.
In the illustration above, metaversal information (depicted as green spiral) swirls toward the zero-point field of instantiation (white starburst).

Entering our Universe and emanating outward from the middle, this proto-force appears in several forms--as the the centrifugal forces of outwardly radiating spirals, the centripetal vortex of whirlpools and tornados, and the entwined embrace of helices such as DNA and vines.

Cross-Sectional Rings
Another toroidal force is that of the rings that individually encircle the torus "tube." As in the illustration below, these rings are furthest from each other at the hemisphere and funnel toward one another to pass through the same point or zero-point at the middle.

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  1. Yes - it is the Falaco Solitons inside every coherent natural system that drives the Universe from within.