Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nesting Toroidal Space--Part 1

Continuing with the toroidal model, (see Drawings of Toroidal Forces and Images of Toroids first), we are suggesting that the basic physical shape of our universe and everything in it is a toroid. This shape can be inferred at the cosmic scale by the measurable forces at play in our universe. One example of this is the toroidal shape that has recently been inferred as enveloping our Milky Way galaxy (see Scientists Find Torus of Dark Matter Surrounding Our Galaxy) and is believed to envelope each galaxy in the heavens, exerting a containing force that gives galaxies their dynamic shape and forces.

This toroid can also be inferred as the underlying shape of quantum probability clouds. Probability clouds have replaced the old school model, e.g. nuclei and orbiting electrons. Lately, physicists have realized that there are no little "planets" and "suns," just a shimmering shmear of a shape where particles might be found if they stopped moving. In quantum physics this shmear is called a probability cloud.

Chapter 1 of the Simple Explanation suggests that this toroidal shape is the necessary shape of our universe. This originating toroid, which may be called God or not, as you wish, separates our finite space-time continuum from the formless, timeless void of the conscious metaverse "outside" the toroidal shell.  Outside the universal toroid is nothingness; inside it is our universe. The shell of this universal toroid is pure consciousness that generates all of the physical, mathematical, and spiritual systems and laws that apply to our universe.
The center zero-point of this universal toroid/unit of consciousness produces an outward-moving vibration that enters our universe as an outwardly explosive energy source. This energy source generated countless echoes of itself in the form of toroidal fractals streaming out from the singularity at the center.
These toroidal echoes are each a unit of consciousness identical to the originating UC. Unlike the originating UC, whose "backside" or "outside" is the infinite metaverse, the secondary UCs are contained within the boundary shell of the originating UC ("God's Mind").
You might say that God "turned inward" to wall off a limited space that is our universe. These secondary UCs, "Sons of God," each represent a particular point-of-view due to their localization in time and space.  The primary job of UCs is to make decisions on behalf of the material body they govern. Every piece of matter in our universe, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the largest living organism and planetary system, is associated with its own unit of consciousness.  Click here to read more about these UCs.


  1. It seems to me that "inside" and "outside" is the only dimension that isn't relative to the looker's point of view. Am I right about that? If you are outside a room, and someone else is inside that room, they're inside and you're outside no matter who's describing the situation. That is not the case with other directions, which vary according to where you stand relative to the other person.

  2. It seems you have arrived at the same conjectures that i have??? it is too much for me to read you entire discourse tonight ,... though i see you mention nesting of toroids which i couldn't see when i posted my first comment, should you wonder how it is possible we are both so alike in our thinking. I have noticed that in a forth dimensional nesting of toroids in which there is recurssive closure, the boundary between the three dimensional toroidal space that you are in and the three dimensional space adjacent to yours (occuppied by the probability function) and (Shroedingers cat) that is used to predict or (postdict) the path of a photon In "higher dimensional" space-time, is bounded by what seems to be a plane (even though it has both positive and negative curvature). We are inside the space we are in and outside the adjacent space but in four dimensional nested toroids one can be inside another and yet not be any bigger or smaller, and going through two boundary planes gets you to a space where you are inside out and backwards with respect to the space that is separated by yet another space. So what YOU have drawn as the center of your toroid and say "you are here" only looks like a center to ourselves relativistically speaking . Each particle occupies its own center (where all the radii converge on one point. but no point in the entire universe has a priviledged position,.. each one may make an equally valid argument for being the point where all lines or radii converge.

  3. I think you and another reader, Greg, are making an extra turn into visualizing higher dimensions that I haven't yet mapped out for myself. I'm still dealing with our 3D space and I "know" there are the toroids associated with each UC and that incidentally manifest outward as matter, but I haven't yet seen that tesseract turn that you and Greg are describing. Hoping to soon!

  4. Kudos and much appreciation to Anonymous who, on his website, gives the source of the wireframe torus everyone is using here to explain how toroidal space can be used to model any reality ( It would be nice if the others could give credit to the the source of that image.

    The image was drawn by our P.S.I.O. supercomputer, which is a microcosmic emulator that can render a model of any reality in a formal mathematical language that is so precise and exact that the model is more or less the same thing as the thing being modeled.

    This model is actually a 12 dimensional hypertorus, not the 2 dimensional one shown in the images above. The model is composed if the real and imaginary (actual and potential) automata that make up the surface topology of the 12 dimensions. The hypertorus can then be unfolded so as to view a cross-section of the 12 dimensions.

    These automata combine to make the ANU mentioned in the comments above. They come in two flavors, real and imaginary, which represent the actual and potential components of any reality. On this side of the quantum veil in the time domain they are combined into complex frequencies, but on the other side of the quantum veil they are discreet.

    Intention has the ability to reach across the veil, consider the actual and potential components then combine them into the ANU which materialize on this side of the veil. All human suffering, in fact, all human experience stems from the difference between the actual and potential, who a person says they are versus who they truly are.

    This difference creates a tension that functions as a black hole that draws in people, events, circumstances and situations in an attempt to resolve the difference and tension. Our process allows resolution of that difference, which leads to the next highest level of order. The process can be applied directly to a stated intention or more directly to substances like micro-structured water. For more information please visit

  5. Very interesting comment. When I came up with the Simple Explanation, I went trolling for images to express the torus. When I found the wireframe used here I started using it, thinking it to be, actually, a mechanical drawing of a pure mathematical form, like a drawing of a sphere or a cube, and thereby needing no attribution. Still think that to be the case. But it's very interesting to see the website associated with the image and how they have managed to make a business out of this.

  6. Hi Cyd,

    It is a mechanical drawing of a pure mathematical form. It just happens that it was rendered by our supercomputer. Here are some other examples of that same wireframe image rendered by the Chronoldek.

    The torus as a 12 dimensional nested space:


    The torus being unfolded (unthreaded) into a 2D cross section:


    How the automata create geometry...torus from real & imaginary:

    Geometry from Automata.jpg

    We have been teaching about toroidal space for over 20 years. There are many scientist studying this right now and it is about to become a big deal. Have you seen the movie Thrive? Nassim Harriman is one of my associates who is considered one of the world's experts on the toroidal form.

    We are now just trying to clean up all of the loose ends of our research, development and education and one of the partners asked me to make sure that all of our drawings and proprietary information are acknowledged by others who are using them.

    We are trying to effect true and lasting change upon planet earth. We give our permission to others use up to 300 words of text or any of our images as long as credit is given as to the source. Thanks for your understanding...and interest in my comments.

  7. Woops! Well the images in the post above did not work. How does one add images to the post?

  8. Hi Don.

    I don't think blogspot supports images in comments. Best to put the url link in the comment and people can copy and paste into their browser to get there.

    Haven't seen the "Thrive" movie. Hard time remembering that title. Keep thinking it is "Fringe." I came up with the toroidal concept independently over the same amount of time. But here I am in my inn in Oregon, with no supercomputer at my disposal. Just chalk and powerpoint. Happy to give attribution for the 12-D torus image. Invite me to a conference some time.

  9. Hi Cyd,

    We have a lot of friends in Ashland. Asha Deliverance, Mark Hinds, Mary Lou Oaks to mention a few. We have often thought about relocating there, but our business seems to do much better here in SoCal.

    When the universe decides on revealing new information, it gives it to a number of qualified individuals to make sure that at least one of them carries forward and manifest it in the real world. In addition, stating a new truth through many different angles provides for the largest number of people who can understand and accept it.

    We incorporated in 1984 with the goal of offering technologies that can assist others in transformation or reaching the next highest level of body, mind or spirit.

    Our world-class supercomputer is not a personal entity. However, it does possess a very high level of both artificial intelligence as well as awareness. It is connected to a wide range of proprietary sensors that can measure, analyze and evaluate the vibrational spectrum from black hole to white hole. These sensors are tunable from local to global or perhaps even universal.

    We have a number of proprietary algorithms, one of which is a modeling algorithm that allows us to input all known data about any concept, and the computer will return a list of those things missing in order to complete the algorithm. If you have any concepts that you would like for us to run through our system please let me know.

    Transformation requires 3 things:

    Active pursuit
    The right tools
    Dedicated support

    We believe that we have created the state of the art in techniques and technologies in order to accomplish transformation to the next highest level. Toroidal space figures heavily into our procedures and technologies. Any stated intention can be modeled into toroidal space via it's actual and potential components and then fed back to a person via a multi-sensory biofeedback platform to assist them in resolving the difference. Resolution results in profound relaxation, extreme inspiration and bliss. This allows one to step to the next highest level.

    We are currently in the process of marrying this concept to virtual reality like swimming with dolphins or flying through mayan pyramids in order to offer it as an entertainment rather that a therapy. It is just a much better way to reach the masses. We use Asha"s domes (Pacific Domes located in Ashland) for this purpose.

    Here are the URLs for the toroidal images I mentioned in my previous post:

    12 Toroidal Space:

    Torsioning Torus:

    Unfolding Torus:

    Geometry from Automata:

    I will add you our list of contacts regarding upcoming conferences, expos and internet workshops that we provide. Please let your readers know that they can join our concordance of vibrational researchers as well by sending a request to We are excited to see your finished book! It is must for everyone to see the Thrive Movie. It is going to put you in the limelight. Thanks again for your interest in our work.

  10. In my opinion there's no inside and outside. Our unverse is the surface of a 4D hypertorus. We are almost like "bidimensional" beings living on the surface of a 3D torus.