Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nesting Toroidal Space--Part 1

Continuing with the toroidal model, (see Drawings of Toroidal Forces and Images of Toroids first), we are suggesting that the basic physical shape of our universe and everything in it is a toroid. This shape can be inferred at the cosmic scale by the measurable forces at play in our universe. One example of this is the toroidal shape that has recently been inferred as enveloping our Milky Way galaxy (see Scientists Find Torus of Dark Matter Surrounding Our Galaxy) and is believed to envelope each galaxy in the heavens, exerting a containing force that gives galaxies their dynamic shape and forces.

This toroid can also be inferred as the underlying shape of quantum probability clouds. Probability clouds have replaced the old school model, e.g. nuclei and orbiting electrons. Lately, physicists have realized that there are no little "planets" and "suns," just a shimmering shmear of a shape where particles might be found if they stopped moving. In quantum physics this shmear is called a probability cloud.

Chapter 1 of the Simple Explanation suggests that this toroidal shape is the necessary shape of our universe. This originating toroid, which may be called God or not, as you wish, separates our finite space-time continuum from the formless, timeless void of the conscious metaverse "outside" the toroidal shell.  Outside the universal toroid is nothingness; inside it is our universe. The shell of this universal toroid is pure consciousness that generates all of the physical, mathematical, and spiritual systems and laws that apply to our universe.
The center zero-point of this universal toroid/unit of consciousness produces an outward-moving vibration that enters our universe as an outwardly explosive energy source. This energy source generated countless echoes of itself in the form of toroidal fractals streaming out from the singularity at the center.
These toroidal echoes are each a unit of consciousness identical to the originating UC. Unlike the originating UC, whose "backside" or "outside" is the infinite metaverse, the secondary UCs are contained within the boundary shell of the originating UC ("God's Mind").
You might say that God "turned inward" to wall off a limited space that is our universe. These secondary UCs, "Sons of God," each represent a particular point-of-view due to their localization in time and space.  The primary job of UCs is to make decisions on behalf of the material body they govern. Every piece of matter in our universe, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the largest living organism and planetary system, is associated with its own unit of consciousness.  Click here to read more about these UCs.