Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Undifferentiated Unity

My friend in Montana, Jenny, sent some good observations and questions via email. Let’s address them here, together.

First, she says, “Thought, as our species experiences it, appears to be a function of individuality and if it is thoroughly reflected upon appears more as a review than the extension of the unfamiliar.” She writes of metaphysical writings that propose we do not really “think;” that thinking’s true nature is creativity rather than invention. I like the sound of this, although I am unfamiliar with the writings referred to, and I need clarification of the difference between creativity and invention… She also writes that “decision making has become a substitute for choice.” Since decision making is the primary function of units of consciousness, I wonder at the difference between decision making and choice… Jenny? Will you reply in “Comments” with clarifications?

She quotes someone as saying that “consciousness is another way of saying split mind.” I would agree with that. Being conscious implies a perceiver and something to perceive. This is the first division, the first duality: self and object. Ch. 1 of the “Simple Explanation” steps through the genesis of this first dialectic. Jenny suggests that the term “undifferentiated unity” would be a good way to describe what I call the pure consciousness of the metaverse, without pattern or form. Yes, undifferentiated unity is an accurate term to describe the ground state of the metaverse, the condition of no divisions, no dualities, no particularities, only undifferentiated unity. This would also be the state achieved during transcendent meditation when one merges back into thoughtless bliss.

Jenny also recommends reading David Bohm’s “Wholeness and the Implicate Order,” for Bohm’s notions of the relationship between order and consciousness.

Jenny had not encountered the toroid prior to reading the “Simple Explanation” blog. Now she is looking for them in nature. She writes, “I suspect this structure is represented in some form, somewhere (other than the doughnut). If it is, as the narrator indicated on the science channel, a form that exists at every point in space then surely it is mirrored somewhere in our visible world.” Jenny started looking for toroids and discovered that healthy red blood cells--the oxygen transport system of the body—are toroids!

For sure, I hadn’t thought of that. What I can tell you is that the toroidal shape is everywhere once you start looking, from the tiniest objects in our universe—quantum probability clouds—

to huge, overarching shapes that have been shown to enfold our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy.

Van Allen Belt surrounds earth

Kuiper Belt surrounds our solar system

Oort Cloud surrounds our solar system

The Simple Explanation proposes that the great mother of all toroids enfolds our entire physical universe, holding its divisions and particularities away from the “undifferentiated unity” of the background metaverse and at the same time sending organizational and informational toroidal waves inward.
Lastly, Jenny has asked me to clarify “metaverse.” The metaverse, as I use it, is “one step back” from our universe. To observe something’s meta level requires the observer to “step back” or “step up” one level to the place where unity dissolves apparent division. For example, if a couple were disagreeing over where to go for dinner, rather than fight over the merits of Mexican vs. Chinese food, the couple could step up to the meta level and examine whether this was really just a power struggle or test of who loves who more. By taking it up to the meta level, the dialectic of this food vs. that food becomes irrelevant. So it is with the metaverse. I wanted to step back from our universe to the meta level of creation in order to resolve our apparent divisions. The meta-universe or metaverse resolves our apparent divisions by unifying them at the higher level. As to the descriptions given of the metaversal matrix and the subsequent unfolding of our universe, these were inferred through intuition and logic. In my chalk drawings, the metaverse is located "outside" the universal toroidal shell.