Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nesting Toroidal Space--Part 3

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Let's tie some previous diagrams and concepts together.

The proto-Unit of Consciousness that has imprinted its pattern upon our universe is what people of all faiths call "God." People who are not inclined toward spiritual pursuits may reject the label of an all-powerful God but still accept the impersonal Organizing Force as a mathematical concept.

This drawing depicts the toroidal shape of God's Mind as the outer yellow shell, and the secondary units of consciousness, UCs, as the peach-colored layer just inside. Proto-energy flows from the middle outward; coherence/love presses from the yellow shell inward
The blue space inside this universal toroid represents everything we consider to be part of our universe -- our ordinary 3 dimensions plus time.
When the consciousness of a secondary UC is in phase with the Universal UC at the zero point of Here and Now, joy and bliss are experienced. In a human, that phase alignment is experienced during numinous experiences like advanced meditation, ecstatic prayer, and other Divine encounters. Here is a drawing of a human's UC in phase with God's UC, with Chakra 4--Heart/Love--at the zero point of Here and Now.
The appearance of time and space, fundamental particles and forces, and dynamic spiritual-emotional-karmic patterns arise from the toroid's shape. 

Things look quite different at the material level. Rather than focusing on the toroid of the originating UC, we perceive our universe from the the very smallest toroids--elementary particles and fundamental forces released into our universe at the time of the Big Bang. 
The building blocks of our physical universe are tiny quantum clouds shaped like toroids. These tiny toroids combine at the microscopic level to form all of the variety we see around us. Larger toroidal forces shape the larger cosmological features of our universe.

Humans are comprised of both lower, physical UCs, and an individualized Self UC. Our material/spiritual perception crossover appears to happen at the 4th chakra, or the consciousness of love. It is there that phase alignment with God may occur and the immaterial nature of the Self discovered.
 The human bio-energetic aura can be described as a series of nesting toroids. These will be further explained in a future article. In the aura drawing above, the white 7th chakra maps to the peach-colored shell of the drawing below.

Here is a human Unit of Consciousness with its associated material instantiation.

When this person's UC is in phase with the Universal UC, then this person's toroid "grows" into phase with the Universal UC and is no longer a human-sized toroid but as "big" as the universe.


  1. Just between you and I....I love this!!!! i am amazed that no one has commented on what you have written,.. when to me this is both the most esoteric and beautiful secret of all knowledge, and also very obvious and self evident and inescapably manifest ubiquitously.. judging by the resounding lack of comments i guess this is all perfectly inscrutable to the average bear!!!!

  2. You've made me chuckle. I am also confused by lack of comment. I know that most of my friends can't make it through this at all. My brothers both read the blog and they've stopped making comments because they just wind up saying "yep," and "good job," over and over.

  3. A couple of months ago, my brother, David, suggested I look into toroidal tesseracts. That will be my next focus.

  4. This information (code of the torus) is something that has been known for ages by the power structure currently in control (see Thrive movie). This movie is about to change everything and bring focus of this to the world at large. There are those who have been waiting for this to occur so that a new generation of technologies that are already available can be unleashed to save the planet (see http://www.harmonicresolution.com).

  5. Lovely article! We use a form of practice aiming to enhance awareness of the subtle structures. What we have found so far confirms what you present here. I don't know what the universe looks like, but the torus is the shape of the aura (an elongated donut shape with a vertical central tube opening in the chakras above and bellow the body. What we find interesting is that the chakras reflect exactly the same shape/pattern- they appear as stacked toroid structures. Knowing where the power lines are is actually one of the most effective ways to enhance the energy in our system, developing the ability to perceive and energize the chakras, the nadis and- something very special- the higher subtle bodies.

  6. Thanks, Stefan. What form of practice do you refer to? Who is "we"?

  7. The Fractal Nature of Living Systems

    1. Hey Rick. Just visited your link. We appear to be perceiving the universe in very similar ways. Good for us. Hats off to you. Have you read much of my Simple Explanation? The book's on Kindle for next to nothing if you want it.