Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nesting Toroidal Space--Part 2

Our universe appears to be "nested" in a variety of ways. In one direction, the nesting is from large to little, with shared middles. In the other direction, the nesting is fractal, with multiple middles.
First, if we begin with the top-down description of our universe, a God-sized toroidal consciousness is wrapped around our physical universe (or, if you prefer, you could call it a "Universal-sized" toroidal consciousness). The vibrational emanations of this universal UC compress and contain our space-time continuum from the outside, sending waves of toroid-shape inward from the inner shell, while at the same time emitting material-building subatomic toroidal shapes from the zero-point field at the middle of the universal UC.
Universal Consciousness, The Word, coherence
"Sons of God" secondary units of consciousness
Chitta, heart, spiritualized atomic structure
Ananda, joy, spiritualized radiating energy
The yellow layer represents the universal unit of consciousness--"God's mind"--which consists of ideas only, including every mathematical, spiritual, and physical pattern and law of our universe. The tan layer inside of that represents the secondary units of consciousness, with their insides facing our material universe and their backsides against the universal UC. At the non-material, ideational level, all UCs occupy the same "no-space." The red center represents the ideational sub-atomic particle, referred to in Yogic philosophy as Chitta, or the "spiritualized atom." The white rays going outward from the middle is the proto-energy of our universe, called in Yoga "Ananda" or "Joy." 
Nesting looks different going in the other direction, beginning with matter rather than consciousness. From the material direction, there is a unit of consciousness associated with every thing, from the smallest sub-atomic quanta, to the largest organic system. These UCs represent themselves in our physical universe as the matter with which we are all familiar. As mentioned in a previous article, scientists have recently discovered a torus shape enveloping our Milky Way galaxy. We predict there will be a torus shape discovered in association with all creation, possibly in the form of "dark matter" halos in supersymmetry with the objects of our material universe. We also predict "dark energy" will be directly associated with universal ananda proto-energy.

     7  Discriminating Consciousness, in communion with the Universal Consciousness and Plan
     6  Divine Love, Selfless Love, Intuition
     5  Divine Will, God's Will, The Word, Universal Order, Communication
     4  Cross-over point between matter and consciousness. Heart. Love of others.
     3  Personal will power, intention, ordinary linear thought, ordinary decision-making
     2  Emotions, Fluid movement
     1  Matter
This chalk drawing is a toroidal representation of the auras that energy healers and clairvoyants report seeing surrounding the bodies of living organisms. These seven levels also correspond to energy chakras.


  1. Interesting you have shown a nested pair that is identical to the nesting of pairs that i had come up with. Have you examined all the permutations of this nesting and what happens if it becomes mutidimensional? You have shown how the chakras relate to the astral plane, and physical plane but although we perceive seven layers generally as you have shown, within the nucleii of atoms, for instance there are probably minimally six dimensions,.. three dimensions of negtative material space occuppied by anti matter, and three dimensions of anti photon probablility curve space. this is why the material plane appears to be so dense and why dark matter and dark energy can not be directly observed from close up ...(the time domains are perfectly inverted and so cancel), it is only when they are at quite a distance and the time domains become quite smeared by the collapse of the probabilty function (quantum equations)that slight anomalous effects cause them (dark energy and Dark matter) to be indirectly observed.

  2. Do you know if any scientific or math papers have been published on this?

  3. Our research has shown that there are 10 emanations of determinism. The first is 3D space and the remaining 9 make 12 deterministic dimensions. In addition, there are 10 stochastic ones making a total of 22 dimensions. These correlate to the 22 pathways between the 10 sephora of the kabalistic tree of life, which describe the journey to enlightenment.


    The 12 deterministic dimensions can be modeled within a 12D hypertorus:


    Also, Nassim Harriman at the Resonance Project has published papers about multi-dimensional toroidal space. His most recent received the highest awards at the recent international physics conference in Europe.

  4. Thank you for your answers. How great it is that so many people are discovering the torus and all its implications.
    My Simple Explanation focuses on this universe and the metaverse a fractal level up from it. I don't disagree with anyone else's focus or approach. My Simple Explanation is entirely derived from a combination of logic and intuition. I'm just writing what I personally know. I'm not a hard scientist nor a mathematician; not even a computer programmer. Seems we all are describing the torus from our particular points of view, like the old Sufi story about the blind men and the elephant. Everyone is contributing what they have discovered. Wonderful.