Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toroidal Forces--Proto-Energy

Today I realized that the expulsive force that explodes outward from the center of the toroid is the same as the implosive force that presses inward from the outer shell. In the drawings below, the implosive force (coherence; love) is represented by the yellow arrows and the expulsive force (proto-energy; Ananda; joy) is represented by the white star at the middle.

Here’s how it works: imagine the yellow arrows poking into the entire surface of the toroid—not just the outside spherical portion but from the within the funnel areas, too. Now visualize the surface of the toroid in motion, flowing out the bottom of the funnel, around the outside, and back through the middle (as depicted by the white arrows in the drawing below). Keep in mind that, despite the cross-sectional views we see here, the flow is actually taking place along the entire outside spherical surface, flowing up and over the rounded hemispheric region and down into the increasingly constrained funnel, passing through the point at the center. As the inward-poking arrows slide over the lip of the funnel and begin flowing down into the funnel, the inward-from-rim-toward-center direction flips over to become the center-pointing-outward direction.

Not only does the cohesive, inward force now appear to be a repulsive, outward force, the force itself is compressed from that generated over the entire spherical surface to a tremendously concentrated, singular point exploding outward in all possible directions into the interior of the toroid.

The Simple Explanation proposes that this extremely concentrated proto-energy is held in suspension at the zero point of the universal torus, exploding outward into our material universe as the originator of the fundamental forces of physics. These forces are shaped and directed by the proto-shape of the torus itself, which is the organizational framework for the fundamental particles.

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  1. Here's how I put this Proto-Energy model into spiritual practice--By thinking of the inward pushing force as "God's Love," or "God's Presence." The experience is one of sensing or feeling God's love wrapping around me/my UC.
    On the flip side, I experience the outward force as "Joyful Enthusiasm" and "Creative Energy," called "Ananda" in Yogic terms. Whereas the inward force is coherence/love, this outward force is the anu or atom from which the world is made. The outward force is the energetic life force coming into this universe as a material instantiation, crossing over from the metaversal realm of pure energy and unmanifested design.
    When meditating, I use the third eye to look toward the outer wall of the universe toward the Maker, and at the same time link up with the ananda/joy at the zero-point center, realizing that both energies are the same and I and my Maker are One.