Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"I" am not my Ego

My Ego is not really "me," even though that's who I usually think I am.

We think of the mind and ego as ourselves, but this is the delusion. Yes, the "me" package reflects our personalities, but "I" am much more than the meme bundles and karma of this personality.

Nor am "I" my mind. My mind is a tuning device that scans for and locks onto "my" meme bundle. The Ego feeds on the memes tuned in by my mind. My mind is directed toward its preferred memes by my karmic record. Ego is not a conscious entity. Ego is only a construction--a garment cast over; a vessel containing; the shadow outlining, "my" self's Unit of Consciousness (UC).

Underneath the garment of "me" resides a perfect fractal of the originating unit of consciousness, my Self. "I" am a Unit of Consciousness, identical to the universal UC.
"I" have the choice at every moment of time to either identify with "me" and my bundle of memes, or to identify with the universal unit of consciousness and the bigger picture that transcends personal identity.
  • The Egoic "Me" is selfish, competitive, single-minded, short-sighted, meme-bound;
  • Transcending Ego, "I" reach out to others with love, help, and information for the betterment of all.

Here is a more detailed definition of "I" from my article 9, "Who Am I?" 

For most people, the answer to "who am I?" is that I am my self-aware sense of "me" encased in this body of mine. This Simple Explanation theory says we are that, but also we are the things we love and hate, plus the record of our actions in this world, overlaid upon our UC. Think of a UC as a perfect echo or wave form "shaped" exactly like God's mind. You might say our universe is populated by exact echoes of God's primordial UC. The UCs are all identical--they're all reflections of the God UC. What makes "me" different from "you" is the pattern of my meme bundles and karma that overlay or filter out my UC.

The Self UC is a perfect reflection of the God UC. But "I" (the subjective sense of "me") am not that perfect, because of my meme attachments and karma.


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