Monday, February 7, 2011

Process Note: Why Is My Model Toroidal?

In 1979 I first read Itzhak Bentov's book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum.  Recently I realized that what the Simple Explanation has been calling the conscious "fractal" universe is another term for what Bentov called the conscious "holographic" universe. (By holographic, Bentov referred to fact that any small fragment of a holographic image can be used to reproduce the whole image out of which the fragment came.)
  Here's an overview of Bentov's universal model from the website
  •  Our bodies are mirrors of the whole universe, at every level.
  • Vibration permeates all things.
  • The universe and all matter is made of consciousness in the process of developing to higher levels.
  • Our brains are thought receivers and amplifiers, not the source of thought.
  • All knowledge that has ever been generated is potentially available to us from other consciousnesses somewhere in the universe.
  • The universe is a hologram. The brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe.

These memes were first planted in my meme bundle in 1979. I didn't reread the Wild Pendulum until after I began writing the Simple Explanation, but the genesis of the Simple Explanation from Bentov's cosmology seems clear. Bentov may even have coined the term "unit of consciousness." It's still a great book and I recommend it.
As for the toroids, I've been doodling them in the margins of papers and on love notes since I first read his book. I even sewed two toroids into the pattern of a house blessing I embroidered in 1982 that hangs on the wall here at the Albion Inn. Obviously I'm holding onto and regularly activating that toroid meme.

The toroid makes its first appearance in Bentov's Stalking the Wild Pendulum on page 132, in his chapter, "A Model of the Universe." Here's the only Bentov torus image I could find online.
This Winter as I have been writing these articles and searching the web for images for illustrations, I have been very surprised to find so many spirituality and cosmology articles and blogs touching on the toroidal model of the conscious universe. The Simple Explanation of this is that I and the other writers are all resonating to and evoking the same toroidal model meme out of our shared transpersonal memory. I can assure my readers that I am not researching other people's articles and blogs and cobbling together a bunch of torus ideas from what people are writing. I have written; they have written; we've all tapped the same meme; we're all manifesting the same exact concepts filtered through our various individual governing UCs. And the more we each individually explore and tap out this same meme, the stronger it becomes, because memes are starved through lack of usage and reinforced through invocation.