Monday, February 7, 2011

Images of Toroids Surrounding Black Holes, Quantum Clouds, Our Earth

It's fun to browse images of toroids on the web.  Here's a beautiful torus I ran across this morning:

Here's the text from the website describing the black hole above:

"This artist's impression shows the thick dust torus that astronomers believe surrounds supermassive black holes and their accretion discs, like the one harboured in the nucleus of the spiral galaxy NGC 4388. When the torus is seen `edge-on’ as in this case, the visible light emitted by the accretion disc is partially blocked. However, the sharp X-ray and gamma-ray eyes of XMM-Newton and Integral can peer through the thick dust and see how the energy released by the accretion disc interacts with and is absorbed by the torus.
Credits: ESA, V. Beckmann (GSFC)

The Simple Explanation suggests that these toroidal forces energetically affect all manifestations of our universe--not just the very large energy centers of supermassive black holes. From an article here at the Simple Explanation:

The building blocks of our physical universe are tiny quantum clouds shaped like toroids. These tiny toroids combine at the microscopic level to form all of the variety we see around us. Larger toroidal forces shape the larger cosmological features of our universe

Imagine the image above is not of a supermassive black hole, but a subatomic particle. How might these protoforces affect the mass and energy of neighboring space? Can you see the energetic expressions of the toroidal shape in the photos below of Quantum Clouds? 
Quantum Clouds
Here are more toroidal-shaped astronomical features associated with our planet, solar system, and galaxy. The torus is a fundamental shape that gives rise to observable distributions of matter and energy throughout our universe.
Van Allen Belt

Van Allen Belt
Asteroid Belt
Gamma Ray Bubbles
Note how the gamma ray bubbles emanating from the plane of our Milky Way manifest the same forces acting upon the torus on the large scale as the sub-atomic cloud labeled "3d m+0" in the "Quantum Clouds" plate above.

Can you see the gamma ray bubbles' resemblance to the cross-section of the torus below? You may also notice that the white line I call the "pole" of the toroid, which is the only straight line able to pass through a singularity at the center of the torus shape, is also the plane of the Milky Way in the image above.  
This quick visual examination of the very small alongside the very large suggests there is no need for a theoretical schizm between the physics of the small and large. Is it possible that the mathematics needed to unite Newtonian physics with Quantum physics lies in a simple toroidal fractal formula?

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