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A Simple Explanation of the Tao Te Ching -- Verse 51

Prior to reading this post, please acquaint yourself with "Start Here: A Simple Explanation--Basic Principles" in the column on the right side of the screen. The Tao Te Ching, or Book of the Way, is an ancient Chinese collection of 81 wisdom verses. In the "Simple Explanation” model, the Tao spoken of by Lao Tzu refers to the metaversal information and principles of organization that have informed our universe since the moment before creation. Non-being refers to clearing your personal UC of earthly memes and karma. Non-action refers to allowing the original universal UC to direct your personal UC for the greater good. Here is the 51st verse of the Tao Te Ching, which I have translated directly into Simple Explanation terminology from an original verbatim translation by Jonathan Star.

Tao Te Ching, Verse 51

The Metaverse gives life to all things;
the Universal UC nourishes and protects them.

Every one of them materializes the form that best suits their nature, 
and challenging circumstances bring them to maturity and perfection.
Because of this, there is not a single UC that does not worship the Metaverse and treasure the Universal UC.

The Metaverse, honored.
The Universal UC, held dear. Truly, without it being demanded.
Yet constantly they come, each UC of its own accord.
This is why the Metaverse gives life to all things.

The Universal UC nourishes and protects them. 
Raises and ripens them,
nurtures them and educates them.
Shelters them. 
Matures them.
Sustains them and breaks them down.
Gives birth and yet does not claim possession of them.
Helps without expecting payment in return.
Fosters growth yet does not exercise authority.

Called secret, profound, obscure, mysterious, this Universal UC.

The translation above is based upon the cosmology explored in the Simple Explanation. Star's verbatim translation of "te" is "virtue" or "power." I have translated "te" as "principles of perfection" and "vitality," known as "chit" and "ananda" in Yogic philosophy. In identifying "te" as the Universal UC, I had the womb-like toroidal shape of the Universal UC in mind. Here we can see the undifferentiated unity of the metaverse separated out from the womb of creation where all things become manifest.

from the Simple Explanation article "Diagramming the Ineffable"
Notice that all things arise from this male/female creation principle, where the metaverse (male) supplies the spark of consciousness and organizational principles and the universal UC (female) contains, sustains, and nurtures the offspring.

Furthermore, Verse 51 makes clear that all things are "alive," not only the life forms we recognize. This is why the Simple Explanation treats every thing equally. Every thing is a fractal replication of the original Unit of Consciousness--the Universal UC. Therefore, every thing is an equally conscious being--a UC. The Simple Explanation suggests that what distinguishes one UC from another is its particular expression, which includes such variables as its material localization in time and space (i.e. point of view), its hierarchical organizational level, and its unique meme bundle and karmic record.
from the Simple Explanation article Nested Hierarchies
The depiction of the Divine given in Verse 51 is lovely. Far from being any kind of tyrant forcing mishaps and unfair destinies upon its unwilling subjects, this is a generational force that includes both male and female archetypes, providing every sort of nurturing care to its offspring. Despite its ability to command honor, respect, and devotion as the Great Creator and Sustainer, all UCs are free to honor their Creator spontaneously, in their own way, and free to construct their own destinies.

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